Aaina Foundation on its way reaching out to every slum area!

“Every child should have access to education facilities”. In conversation is Rinku Arya, the founder of Aaina Foundation. It was on 7th May 2019 when Aaina foundation came into being.
Since then it has been determined to reach its ultimate goal. “Usually, children in slum areas are deprived of basic facilities like education. Our moto is to provide them the access to learning so that they can explore and be ready to face the outside world”, said Rinku Arya.
Aaina usually conduct surveys and divide the beneficiaries into categories to make the work easier.
How do you conduct your surveys? How many people are there in your team?
Rinku explained, “There are total 11 people in the team which handle certain aspects in the foundation. Apart from that, we are covering 10 slums as of now and every slum has 5 co-ordinators who are responsible for the conduction of surveys”.
Aaina also ran a campaign named ‘Sahayata’ during this lockdown period. They made three categories: 1) People who were getting groceries from the government.
2) People who had ration cards but didn’t know how to use them.
3) People who were migrants.
So, Aaina co-collaborated with NGO’s like YEF, Seva Bharat and Zomato Feeding India. They used to get groceries from these organizations and further deliver it to the beneficiaries.

Food adds a smile to everyone’s face
What was your contribution in the COVID scenario?
“Eventually, we did a survey to find out that how many migrant labours are deprived of work. Also, how many students are attending school. Kya hota h na, the students of 11th & 12th standard left school because they had to repay the loan taken by their family. So, even if it’s illegal they start working at such a tender age”, said Rinku (in tensed way).
Aaina has raised their concerns in front of the Delhi Govt., let’s see what the ultimate decision is made by them. Also, they are connected to people in slum areas and do most of the groundwork, so NGO’s approach them for distribution of groceries.
Rinku added, “We also distributed gloves, masks, sanitary pads to women. This was also done through the same process by categorization of people. ‘Zaroorat’ was again one project where we distributed raw materials and food to the needy.”
‘Chitthi’ was one more campaign where they helped students who didn’t have the access to online classes. “The youth in slum areas needs to know what’s happening in the country. Also, to become and achieve something big, education is the most key aspect. So, Aaina launches social campaigns like Zaroorat, Chitthi, etc”, the founder said.
What are your long-term plans? What more are going to start in future?
Aaina has started two projects, first ‘Koshish, Ek Paathshala’, where they are planning to connect primary and secondary schools to Aaina, so that everyone gets a chance to study. Also, they will include Engineering course.
Rinku stated, “The documents required for admission in schools gets problematic and students eventually leave the idea of going to school. ‘Mission Parindey’, is our long-term plan where we will understand and analyse the needs of the youth and work on it.”
Rinku believes that the problem lies in the way the parents in rural areas think. “They preconceive that our child will carry forward the same occupation and don’t understand that if they send their children to schools, maybe it would make their child a better person and they will earn more”, Rinku added further.
Well, the work done by Aaina foundation is commendable and Rinku Arya has been managing every activity with precision. Aaina foundation will surely achieve its goals!!

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