• Ishita Saxena

Micro Tales #1

Tamughna Priyam Hazarika

I was a school kid back then, going to school with my father. While coming back from school I often used to see small children lying in the streets. Once while I was stuck in the traffic, I saw a small boy begging in the streets. I was constantly noticing him begging from person to person. I felt disheartened by seeing him begging at such a young age. Then I talked to my father and told him that I want to help those poor children in the streets. So I decided to organize a donation drive and help those children. The donation drive was successful. My family and friends supported me a lot.

I along with my friends went to meet those children, provided them with books, old clothes, and food. I spent hours talking to those children and I tried my best to solve their problems as much as I could. I also provided them with small gift hampers.

Those children were very happy that day. I was so overwhelmed by seeing them happy. That was really a proud moment for me!

That was my first contribution towards the needy, since then I have continued the work of helping the poor.

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