• Ishita Saxena

Micro Tales #8

Plight Of Village Community in Maharashtra

By: Jaehaan Bokdawala

It is rightly said, "Real essence of life is in serving others." The joy you get out of philanthropy is unparalleled.

After the inauguration of my School's building, officials undertook a project to improve the living standards of vulnerable communities of a village in Maharashtra. Students of my School have been going there to assist them in building houses, a small school, and other necessary facilities as a part of our commitment.

Believing in our devotion, the authorities took us to the village to check on the residents' ground reality. I could feel the agony, the mental and physical anguish. Although I had heard about their penurious lifestyle; it was felt vicariously in magazines and newspapers. We stayed there for two days; Nonetheless, we did appreciable work by carrying cement, bricks from the initial site to the final one, laying, modeling them, and built the School's building. We worked as a team by forming a chain that expedited the delivery of the structural components. It also taught us the importance of teamwork and collaboration since we learned how to work together rather than do it alone. Cooperation/Teamwork is a skill of paramount importance in our lives. Although our legs were hurt, a few people even got sick; we did not stop because our ailment was nothing compared to what people living over there have to go through daily. Recently, a cyclone devastated a large part of the village we had built. Although we felt bad, our ache was nowhere near theirs.

We will not stop; my schoolmates will continue on this project to experience the joy of helping others and the happiness we get by seeing the change we have made in someone else's life.

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