• Ishita Saxena

Micro Tales #7

Lipsa P. Acharya

Greetings Everyone,

I am Lipsa P. Acharya an intern in YEF. So one fine morning I was on my way to college and suddenly I found a dog lying down in the road without any food and I could feel that the dog wanted to have some food so I provided the dog with some food. I always wanted to help people or animals some or the other way like how much I can do I will surely do. I joined this internship to know more ways to help everyone around me.

And a few days back a baby cat was outside my house continuously crying I went out and looked at that cat and brought the cat to my house and I gave her some milk to drink and that cat drank it so fast and finished it in few minutes and went to sleep. I kept that cat with me at my house and everything went well.

There are so many incidents like this. Helping gives me an immense pleasure hence I like helping everyone.

Thank You!

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