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Micro Tales #5


Mylarapu Vineetha

My name is Mylarapu Vineetha and I am from Youth Empowerment Foundation working as a volunteering intern. Youth Empowerment Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to spread education in every village or slum of India through a team of youths who are working hard to build and accomplish the dream of an educated India. I feel so happy to share about my visit to a Government school to teach primary school children.

Last year I have visited a government school in Chennapatna near Bangalore, Karnataka. It was a 3 days visit where we need to interact with children. On the first day, the children had to introduce themselves in basic English and after that a small playing session. In this session, we taught them the steps to follow to introduce themselves and it was very helpful to the children.

After a break we made them play a mind game which gives a message on how our talking affects our behavior, throughout the game children enjoyed it so much. On the second day, we taught them basic grammar in English such as tenses, articles, sentences, etc. After explaining we have shown some videos on this grammar so that they can learn in a happy way.

This session was very helpful for students that the teaching staff present there thanked us for the work and it was a proud moment for us. On the last day, we went on showing videos and pictures of computer systems and their parts. We made them draw the pictures of Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, mouse. Later was the most informative session of the visit in which we grouped all female students of age group 12-16 years and asked them to share their problems related to periods, daily care routine and gave some tips to take care of themselves as they grow in life.

At the end of the day, the whole school thanked us for our useful work and asked us to visit again whenever it is possible and it was one of the proud moments in my life.




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