• Ishita Saxena

Micro Tales #30

Riya Arya

When I helped someone

Helping people is the best thing we can ever do. I was going somewhere in the rikshaw and An old lady sat beside me. We reached our destination and the driver asked us to pay the amount. As I gave my part of the fee, I got to know that the lady had lost her purse. She was already very tired and became more upset as the rickshaw drive kept on asking her to give money as soon as possible. So I paid the rickshaw driver on her behalf. It felt great helping the old lady, And I asked her to get more money from me incase if she needs

When I stood against crime

Eve teasing and bullying are something a lot of women face at least once in their life. It is an extremely abhorrent act. I was in the school when I found some boys badly teasing a girl. I found this utterly disgusting, especially because the girl used to cry as it had happened almost everyday. One day, I decided to take a stand and warned them angrily not to do it again. As I was the class monitor, I also complained against them. After that day, they never bothered my classmate again.

When I supported someone

Failure is something we are all afraid of. One time my friend failed a subject at school and became really pessimistic and lost hope towards everything. I supported her and made her realise how important it is to be positive. She somehow found hope and applied again for the same, this time passing with great scores. She realised that "There's always a hope”.

When I feed someone

I was in 6th grade when one of my friends, whose mother was a widow, had no lunch for a few days because her mother was really ill and they could not afford to have food from outside. Those days I regularly shared my lunch with her and it made me really glad to see her so happy. I had decided from then that I would try to feed as many people as I could. Therefore on every birthday and new year, I feed needy people outside the temple.

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