• Ishita Saxena

Micro Tales #28

Nishil Gandhi

I remember, it was the month of March in the year 2010. It was hot, as it usually is in this time of the year in Mumbai, but it was hotter than usual. A woman and a very young child, around the age of 7, were selling balloons and the child suddenly fainted right there on the road. I was standing near them and I instinctually went there to help them.

I firstly called a family doctor, who was not very far from the current location. Meanwhile, we gave her Glucose water which would help greatly with the rehydration. The doctor arrived in approximately 20 minutes, treated the child, and suggested the cause of the incident was hunger.

To help them, I gave the mother around Rs.2000 and offered to pay the doctor’s consultation fees. She was speechless for a while and later she just replied with a heartfelt “शुक्रिया बेटा” (thank you, child), saying those words with tears in her eyes. That memory is utterly priceless and unforgettable.

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