• Ishita Saxena

Micro Tales #26

A chance to make it better

Abhinav P Nair

We do not get just one but numerous chances to help someone everyday. The difference is how often we consider those opportunities. With this opportunity, I would like to share about one instance where I tried to make someone’s life better.

Two years back, we witnessed one of the deadliest floods to hit the state of Kerala . A lot of people became homeless as a result of destruction from the flood. It was amazing to witness how the whole country came together to help the people affected by the floods. At this point of time, we, the younger kids of our society decided to come together to collect clothes, supplies and everything needed to make the donation. We also got to know about a group of people accepting this donation and delivering the donated material to the deserved people. We spoke to the apartment’s association and they instantly accepted. In another two hours, the news was circulated in all the Whatsapp groups. By the end of the day we had numerous people donating. Some of them donated money which was sent to the relief fund. Even the people from the neighbouring societies donated. In two days, we collected quite a lot of clothes, money and food for the people who had suffered. We called the group who were delivering these supplies to Kerala and this is how we helped the people of Kerala. I truly hope it would have made the life of at least a small group better.

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