• Ishita Saxena

Micro Tales #19

When I helped someone during lockdown

Akansha Panwar

Hello, I am Akansha Panwar, volunteering intern at Youth Empowerment Foundation. As we all know, this year had been unfortunate to all of us. Especially to the less privileged people, who worked every day to earn proper two times meal a day to feed their families.

When the complete lockdown was announced, we had to tell our maid, Rekha aunty to stop coming to work as a safety precaution for us and them as well. Rekha aunty had lost her husband few years ago, so she was the sole income earner left in the family to feed her three kids. She was left helpless as everyone; whose houses she worked at told her to stop coming as well because no one wanted to take the risk. Rekha aunty has worked for three years at our house so we were familiar about her situation. So, I and my family decided to give her money for few extra months and also some rashan for a month or so. She thanked us for helping her in such a difficult situation and we were also glad knowing that we could help at least one family even it was for some time.

This situation showed me how that we don't need to do something big in order to help someone. We can start by helping someone for a short period or even one day because sometimes small steps can lead to a big difference.

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