• Ishita Saxena

Micro Tales #18

Chandrashekar Lakamaji

Incident 1: Usually, a person should have the helping nature and should help others. I believe that I too had some of the qualities of that. Where one incident I can share is that when one of my friends required me the most I actually stood by him. When his family was not home, as he was alone in the home and has gone through some allergies, cough and had a fever. The thing is he had actually gone unconscious before the time he had called me. It was almost night. And now it was me with my unconscious friend I somehow managed to take him to the hospital and stayed the night at the hospital and was with him till his parents came home from then we are like brothers from another mother.

From that incident, I too am somewhat proud that I actually stood by him in the difficult times.

Incident 2: People should help others as much as they can. Although It may be anything like food, clothes, and money. Usually, I give some amount to the needy people but this time it was somewhat more satisfying than that. As it was my birthday a few months ago, and I decided to give the food to the needy people, I felt delighted that they to enjoyed it, but the fact is that they enjoyed what I did and gave the blessing that U should live more and celebrate and help others and may reach your goals which was very much satisfying to me. For the first time, it felt like my birthday is complete…

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