• Ishita Saxena

Micro Tales #17

Gargi Manral

Bullying is one of the cruellest social evil that prevails in our society. But a lot of us do not even consider it as a 'Social evil'.

People are bullied for their weight, looks, skin colour, accent or even the work that they do. We all knowingly or unknowingly contribute in this practice of humiliating others. Even if we do not directly indulge in bullying, but standing and letting somebody else feel humiliated is equivalent to being a BULLY.

I was in sixth standard when I witnessed my friend being bullied. We were walking up a staircase when a senior started humiliating my friend in front of other students. He was calling him names and was constantly hitting him on his head. The bystanders kept laughing, no one tried to stop him. I was agitated, I was unable to tolerate this barbaric behavior. I wanted all of this to stop so I went to the Principal's office and complained against the bully. She punished the bully and promised my friend that this will not happen again. She thanked me for standing up against wrong.

This incident made me believe that being strong and fighting for yourself is not enough, we have to use our strength to protect and support the people who are incapable of protecting themselves.

A lot of people find bullying fun but laughing at someone 's expense is not fun. It is humiliating and can cause serious damage to other people's mental health.

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