• Ishita Saxena

Micro Tales #15

Kaushiki Kamat

It's always told to us by our teachers or our mother that we should always help the needy and once I helped one old lady who was travelling by bus and didn't have enough money to pay. My neighbours always come to me with their difficulties related to their studies and any other technical issues like anything related to phones. I gave my books in the library after high school so that it can be used by other students who can't afford to buy them and also told my friends to do the same as it gives u some happiness helping others.

Whenever I am out with my friends I always make sure that they follow the rules like wearing seatbelts or helmets while riding or driving. I also support my friends whenever they want to do something new or want to achieve something. I feed stray dogs who come outside my house in search of food.

I am very proud to be a YEF intern as it has given me opportunities to spread awareness like I shared one small paragraph on girls having equal right to study as boys and sharing it on social media. I also talked about poverty in India and tried to spread awareness. I am proud to be part of this YEF foundation. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

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