• Ishita Saxena

Micro Tales #10

Utkarsh Garg

About two months ago, I had helped an old and feeble person. On one Sunday, I was sitting on my home’s roof in the evening. Then, I saw that an old person was wondering in my locality here and there. Unfortunately, he was not looking well. It seemed that he was asking about an address or location. Hence, I went outside and asked that person about the matter. He told me that he is looking for an address. On the same time, the weather was too hot because this happened during the summer season. So, I invited him to my house and gave water to him for drinking. He felt relax and cool. Then, I asked him about the address for which he was wandering. He told me everything. After the old man told me the address, I wandered the streets with the old man on the motorbike. Eventually, I had helped him by dropping him to his destination. He blessed me a lot. I felt very much glad after seeing a smile on his face.

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