• Niharika Aneja


“Feminism is the racial idea that women’s safety is more important than men’s feelings.” The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them,but to be indifferent to them,that’s the essence of inhumanity.


Anybody who claims to care about men,but doesn’t savage feminism pretty harshly on a regular basis,is either a damned liar or a lazy,muddled fool with his head up his ass.There is simply no way you can care about men if you are not attacking feminism in one way or another.And if I had to make the choice,I would even say that agitation is MORE important than activism .Yes, I would rather have a thousand people loudly “slagging off feminism” in my town,than to have one men’s DV shelter open while nobody makes a squeak about feminism! Men face problem,women face problem,but it is important to address them in their rightful space. A group of men’s rights activists has launched a campaign against what they term “reckless governance”.There is no discrimination in treating men and women differently.We should always encourage both the gender in this society ,each and everyone has their own freedom in this secular country.Men’s rights activism was founded in India because of anti-male laws passed by the Indian Parliament .

As I conclude that One may also benefit from nothing that even today,many men’s rights movements trends appear out of thin air when a women’s right movement is beginning to garner considerable attention.In fact,many of their popular movements seem to be a manifestation of the slogan “Men go through this too”.The attempt to take up the space women have carved out of their cause is glaringly evident in the fact that men’s rights movement.

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