• Niharika Aneja


A Foot in Both Worlds, Sense of Being Neither!

Black women face the challenge of being from both a marginalized gender and a marginalized section of a society. Inter-sectional feminism is staggeringly obviously correct and it is difficult to believe that one has to say them out loud.

Gender is not the only basis of oppression. At times we have failed to acknowledge that women of color have problems over and above just the burdens of race and burdens of gender. The issues of subsets of women are real and are feminist issues.

We cannot live with the attitude of ‘this fear isn’t ours to know’ – oh yes.

But, aren’t we capable of true empathy?

We dare not turn a blind eye to horrors being faced by women living in the intersection of Black and Female.

Feminism as a whole hasn’t failed anyone, where the failure comes, predictably, is that the majority of feminists are predominantly white, and middle class. They need to be reminded of what or whom they’re forgetting.

Movements flourish only when there are multiple movements, providing space for those with multiple oppression's to speak out. modern anti-feminists don’t seem to want to believe is, inter-sectional feminism is just feminists refining and working to do better.

What we need to understand is Feminism cannot thrive without empowering and including the marginalized.

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