Sumit - 84

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

The 2004 Bihar flood was one of the worst floods in Bihar, India, in a decade. Eight hundred eighty-five people and 3272 animals had lost their lives, and nearly 21.299 million humans were affected. Twenty districts of Bihar were affected. An alarming rise in water level due to heavy rains inundated fresh areas in Bhagalpur district, Begusarai district, Katihar district, Darbhanga district, Samastipur district and Khagaria district. According to the Central Water Commission, Bagmati, Budhi Gandak, Kamla Balan, Adhwara, Kosi and Mahananda rivers were flowing above the red mark. At the same time, the Ganges crossed the danger mark for the first time at Farakka Barrage.

I want to introduce myself shortly; I am Sumit Kumar. I belong to the state Bihar in Samastipur District Under Mithila Region. My village is situated on the Bank of Bagmati River ( Local Name ''KAREH'' River ). Currently, I am working as a Volunteering intern at Youth Empowerment Foundation (YEF) under the guidance of HR KOMAL VISHWAKARMA.

I was approximately in nursery class in Gyan Bharti Public School (GBPS) at that time.
I have never seen a flood, and before that day, I didn't know what a flood was and how people survived them.

Suddenly between 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM, people start crying, "JAGO JAGO SB LOG BADH AA GYA".
My house is at a height in the local area. In the morning, I saw many people shift to my place and many other people on the balcony and indoor and outdoor.

Some animals and people passed away due to a lack of swimming and other rescue operations. In that situation, my parents and some villagers decided that we should start surveying, and I donated our clothes, soybean vegetables, roti, dry Fruits, and many more things. I started weeping, and my family members explained to me that a flood is a natural disaster. Bihar government provided plastic sheets, namkeen and dry fruits etc., by helicopters.

There was a flood again in 2007, due to which there was a lot of crop damage and life was disturbed once again. Even at that time, we gave shelter to many people to stay. We made protection available for the animals and arranged food for people to eat. After three months, when the water level decreased, people returned to their homes.

May God give people the stamina to deal with this type of natural disaster.