Sukirti Srivastava - 46

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

A year back, I was in Lucknow with my friend and roommate. We used to buy fruits from a family of 2 adults and 4 children. They had only one source of income which was the "fruit k thela and a small shop". But they were very passionate about their work.

One day, due to an unfortunate accident, they lost the thela. When I got to know about it I asked the fruit seller family if they need any help. They said they'll manage on their own; they were very polite. Although, they had bought the shop on loan. The lender asked to repay the debt but they were unable to repay. So, the lender seized the shop instead.

They were homeless and now had no source of income because of this so they had moved someplace else. I came to know this when I went there to buy a glass of juice from them. So I inquired about where they had gone and decided to give them a visit. When they saw me, the couple started crying. They told me how they were unable to feed their children.

I decided to help them and so immediately I brought food for them and their children. I thought I should buy a thela for them so that they can continue their life. So I bought a thela and gave it to the family. They had tears in their eyes. They continued their life. And this gave me a sense of humanity and responsibility along with an immense feeling of joy.