Souvik Datta - 14

AUG. 11, 2020

Humanity is God
-Souvik Datta

Happiness is all about making someone smile and pull someone out of trouble. It gives people a sense of inner peace. I try to help people in need regardless of any intentions of getting something in return. I can remember an incident which happened last weekend. As usual, I was heading towards my college on my bike at 9 in the morning. I was interrupted by a pregnant lady who was in the Kokar market by herself and buying vegetables. She was feeling tired and uneasy, so I stopped my bike and asked her why she was buying the vegetables by herself in this condition. “My husband is out of town and there is no one else at home to buy vegetables so I had to buy them myself,” she replied in Hindi. While we were having the conversation, she accidentally dropped the vegetable basket and started groaning in pain. This incident happened so quickly that I was not able to grasp what has just happened. I cried for help, and fortunately, some of the vendors and other people came for help. Stopping the rikshaw and helping the lady inside, I asked the driver to take her to sadan which was hardly 3 to 4 kilometers from the Kokar market. I drove my bike behind the auto, reached the hospital, and admitted her. The hospital officials informed her neighbours and husband about the incident. Her neighbours arrived at the hospital and after having a few conversations with them, I left for my college. I was late for my classes but I could not recognize what happened at that exact time. A strong positive vibe was felt by my soul flowing through my body. I did not have the opportunity to thank the lady for making me feel a bit more valuable and for making me feel like a better human being. Words can’t express the strange feelings I experienced on that day. And therefore, I believe that ‘HUMANITY IS GOD’. Because that is the only way I can now explain the feeling that I felt that day. Presented by: Souvik Dutta Milap Link:

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