Shrimanta Satpati - 73

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

Recently, a labourer was appointed to work in our house for doing daily chores. His name was Swarup Ghorui, an inhabitant of Sunder bans. An honest man with simplicity, he always put up a beautiful smile whenever my grandmother asked him to do a job. He always arrived on time whenever as asked and diligently carried out his duties without complaining. My grandmother always takes him whenever she needs to buy grocery or paying a visit to the homoeopathy doctor for her painful arthritis. The bonding between the two has become so strong that he now addresses my grandmother as his mother, someone who resonates with his rural perspective of life. His stories about country life are so intriguing and mesmerising that I get transported to that utopian world sitting on my urban concrete. Recently he lost his job as a daily wage worker and his entire family went knee-deep in a financial crisis. I along with my grandmother talked to a company that recruits people for daily wage activities and got him an appointment. He paid a visit to the head office and by god’s grace and our blessing he got the job. He has paid off his debt and his children are continuing with their primary education. Our tiny help lifted the mountain of debt he had on his shoulders and now he is happy, back on track with his life.