Shreya Plah - 63

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
The above quote is the epitome of fulfilment that one gets after helping those in need. The most recent incident where I came out to help the people was during the early phases of the Lockdown. With all the shops and dhabas shut, I still remember the plight of the truck drivers who worked their hearts out to deliver us the essentials in these hard times. They did not have any place to eat or rest. Then I along with my father converted a portion of our fuel station into a resting place for the drivers. We opened our kitchen to them and provided the truckers with food and a place to spend the night. Because of the lockdown, there was no rush at the fuel station as the roads were empty, so we took this step to feed the people. The happiness and the thankfulness in the eyes of the truckers to date fill my heart with a sense of gratitude. Apart from this, I also used to provide food and other essentials to the people who were hit severely during the lockdown. It was a weekly practice that even today gives me a lot of satisfaction whenever I think about it. Smaller towns have a stronger sense of community when compared to cities. As I also had an essential commodity pass, I could step out of my home regularly to gather cooked food as well from the people throughout the town to help feed the labourers and the ragpickers. Lockdown indeed changed and developed me as a person. It filled my heart with a feeling of gratitude that I will cherish forever.