Shalini - 75

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

I was going to visit my relatives when I saw some people living their life on the footpath with no facilities. They didn’t have fans for summers, blankets for winters, and even shelter and enough food. Some children didn’t have proper clothes. I came back to my home and the next day I asked my all family members for clothes which were in good condition but not in use anymore. I took all the clothes and visited that place and I donated it to them. I had done this before the winters began. There were many sweaters and woolen cardigans in the donated pile.
Where I am living, some needy people came and asked for some clothes, blankets, etc. I had already donated clothes, so we didn’t have clothes or blankets. Then I asked if they would like some food and welcomed them into my house. There were around 2-3 adults with 3-4 children. They sat in our hall and I served them some chapattis with dal and also donated them 2-3 pairs of footwear.
A snake charmer visited our colony almost every month, and whenever he visited, he always asked for food from me or other members of my family and we always gave him. I observed he never asked for food from other houses in our locality; it was the proudest moment for me.