Shabdita Singh - 79

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

It was 27 December 2017, the coldest night of the decade. Cold breeze shivering the heart out of us. The clock struck past 11, and I was about to sleep. “Scrccchhhh”, suddenly I heard a noise as if someone was scratching the door. I ignored it, but the noise became louder. I went out to open the door and saw a pup shivering with cold, hunger in his eyes, and his body freezing. Even though our main gate was closed, somehow he managed to enter our house lawn from a small opening. Without giving any second thought, I took that puppy into my house, made him comfortable, wrapped him in some warm clothes and fed him milk with some biscuits.

The following day I, along with my mom, looked for his mother but didn’t find her. The same evening we saw a female dog roaming around in our locality. At first, I thought that she must be his mother as she wandered into our locality, but I was not ready to leave the puppy without being sure about it. As the nights were freezing, I decided to keep the puppy for a day or more until I find his mother. I fed him and took good care of him, and even played with him. The next day the same female dog again came to our locality, so I was sure this time that she was only his mother, and then I brought the puppy outside to see whether they recognise each other. The puppy ran straight to the female dog, and his mother started loving her little kid. I got too emotional seeing them together. The moment was so loving and cherishable. It always brings a feeling of satisfaction when we help a needy animal. They are the ones with many emotions but lack ways to express them. Each one of us should try to provide some help to these stray animals. Just because they have nowhere to go does not mean they are worthless.