Sanjeev Singh - 48

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

That day, I decided to start tutoring young kids like her child, because what’s the point of being literate if you cannot help others? So, from that day onwards, for about 4-5 months I started tutoring these small kids. I made them learn all the basic concepts of Mathematics and English with the help of several Illustrations and diagrams. That feeling which you get when you help someone and they achieve something in life due to that is the most satisfying feeling one can get.

I still remember one of the students whom I tutored got the highest marks in his school term examination and how happy her mom reached out to me thanking me that was the most heroic thing I have done in my whole life span of 20 years. All of us can do this kind of work right. I also planned on expanding that thing to more students but due to lack of proper functioning and being alone was not able to manage all the things properly. But I am sure in the near future I’ll again start these kinds of things that soothe my heart!