Rohith S - 47

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

It was a usual day and I was on my way to my home after a long day at the college. While I was leaving the college premises, I witnessed a lot of people roaming around, as it was a typical day at my college. Each of them was used to be in groups, or as couples walking around or sitting in a cozy place and talking about things of their interest. Even when I was with my friends returning to our homes together.

In the middle of this background, a person caught my eye. He had a piece of paper and was constantly looking around, standing outside the campus. He seemed helpless as if he lost something. I was a bit tired and so I took the bus and was on the way home. While I was traveling for almost 20 minutes, I noticed that I forgot my textbook needed for the week’s exam. I immediately got down alone, took the bus again to the college, went to the classroom, kept the books back into my bag, and went again to the bus stop taking the bus home again. This time, even after an hour, I saw the man again in the same state. I felt as if destiny brought me back to him to help him.

This time I approached him and asked him what the matter was. Then I realized that he could not speak, but the message he was trying to convey was understandable. He lost the way to his home as he took the wrong bus. Also, he was having insufficient money to reach home. I asked him where he wanted to go, and immediately he wrote the place name on a paper and showed me. People are busy with the close ones that they couldn’t afford to look around and witness the happenings, nor they refrain from helping people thinking they act as if innocent. But that day I could see him worried and was in dire need of help. So I immediately took him to the bus stop, gave him some amount which is slightly more than the bus fare, and guided him to take the right bus route. The smile and the relief on his face gave me a slight satisfaction, which fulfilled both of our days.