Ratnadeep Sinha - 40

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

We all get several chances to help someone in our life. Even I got an opportunity to help people and I utilised it to its maximum. We all know that education is very important in our life. It is the one of the main pillars for an individual to excel in life.
I had noticed that few children near my home are weak in studies and they are demotivated. I spoke to their mother about their studies. She wanted to give them tuitions but she could not afford it. These children were students of a government school. Then and there, I decided to teach them for free.
Debojit and Garima Ray were the siblings that I was going to be teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching and I tried to make it fun for them too. When I started both of them were very weak in the subject. They could not spell or pronounce words. Garima was in class 5 but she could not even spell easy words. I had to work hard with them. I tried various techniques to make things easy for them. I taught them for one year and they improved a lot. Recently, during this pandemic I joined an organization where I was working as a part time teacher and was teaching the unprivileged students. I learned a lot while teaching them and also developed my teaching skills.
Receiving love and respect from them encourages me to help more people. And I will look forward to help and stand out in society to make a small difference.