Raja Lakshmi R - 66

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

I have many proud moments in my life. I am going to share one of the precious memories I have from helping others. Since I was young, my parents encouraged me to donate my things to people who need them. So I used to donate my clothes and other material not used by me to those who need them. Although I was very young to understand the significance of this, I felt great after doing it. When I saw them with teary eyes and a smile on their face, I felt thrilled and proud at the same moment. I never thought that these little things would deeply touch them and came to know that these little things made them happier than anything else. Truthfully, I never thought helping others would make me happy, but actually, it does. Sometimes when things don’t go our way, we just need to talk to someone to take the burden down. When my family moved back to our own town and settled here, we found an orphanage where they used to struggle to feed the children. We offered them some money so that they can feed the children living there. Later on, with the help of other people, the orphanage is now running in great condition. We often visit the orphanage on special days and spend some time with the children and prepare some food for them. Spending some time with them gives immense pleasure. Nowadays many NGOs are there to help those in need, but sometimes we also need to take after the opportunity to help others. When I see children on the road begging around, I often think about the reason this happens and why don’t they get an opportunity to learn and make their future brighter? Maybe it’s because they don’t have anyone to help them out or they are poor. The people who have everything with them should be thankful and should help those who need it in this means we can make our life meaningful. After joining this NGO, I have helped more people and I am glad to be a part of it.