Prity Biswas - 83

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

I recently got a Treron phoenicoptera, also known as yellow-footed grey pigeon, commonly found in the Indian subcontinent. It’s the state bird of Maharashtra. They mainly are seen sitting in couples on tree branches. They feed on fruits, crops etc. I found this Maharashtrian species in West Bengal in a very pathetic condition. Some undetermined cause injured him. In my online classes, I was listening to my lecturers when I suddenly heard a strange noise. I got curious, thinking my grandpa, who was not well, might have fallen. I tried to follow the noise and concluded that something fell from terries, and then I saw a little life hiding with fear with two cats ready to make him their feast. I felt pretty on it and thought to save his life. I saw my aunt standing nearby and asked for her permission as I was confused as to whether I should help him or not or that the right time or not as my whole family was tense for my grandpa. My aunt supported me, and she appreciated and permitted me to go ahead. My aunt and I brought that little life to my grandpa, a bird lover, and he took that bird into his collection of pigeons, and he treated him there. I googled lots and lots of information about his habitat and his food habit etc. We tried to make him comfortable. We gave him food and treatment for three days, and after that, when we saw that he had recovered and wanted to move out of the golden jail, we gave him his farewell and let him find his way.