Pratyusha Dey - 2

AUG. 11, 2020

Pratyusha Dey

Men in the true sense of the term have many duties to discharge. Kindness is one of the noblest sentiment of the human mind. If we have no such noble feeling, we are no better than beasts. There are many heartless human beings who turn the poor out their doors with contempt while they would squander away lots of money for nothing. There are many vicissitudes of human life. Today I stand high on the wheel of Fortune but tomorrow I may be dragged down from the high position of which I am proud. The Bible says, “Blessed is he that considered the poor, the Lord will deliver him in the time of trouble.” Therefore, it is our bounden duty to help the poor to the best of our capacity. We are sure to have God’s mercy in our poverty.
Now after talking so much about helping the poor, here comes the question that have I ever helped anyone? The truth is I have always tried to. Let me share an incident which I remember distinctly. My aunt is associated with an NGO in Kolkata. One day, she came to our house asking for some old clothes. I and my mother were surprised and asked for the reason. Then she told us about those poor children who are deprived of proper clothes and other essential things and how their NGO is trying their best to help those kids out. After hearing everything, I felt very bad for them because I cannot even imagine myself in that situation. I have got provided with almost everything I have ever needed. I ran to check my cupboard and took out all the clothes I hardly wear and kept it aside. Then I called some of my friends and requested them to do the same. The very next day I collected all the bag full of clothes and went straight to my Aunt. She was very proud to see my early response. That day, I did feel a different kind of happiness. One might also wonder what the benefits of helping the poor are. Well, it is all about helping someone in living a better life and achieving his/her dreams. One can be as a god for somebody by offering a very little fraction of your wealth.

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