Prachi Bhartia - 41

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

Since the lockdown brought all activities to a halt, there have been several horror stories of people struggling to find even a morsel of food. But people have come together in the most extraordinary ways to go the extra mile and lend a hand.
I would like to share with you all how I helped needy people during lockdown which was no doubt a tough situation for needy and underprivileged people.
My family and I decided to distribute food packets to the underprivileged. We prepared chapattis, rice and curry at home and packed them neatly in boxes. We had also arranged clothes of different age groups and blankets as winter was approaching. People living in my society also join hands with us to contribute for this good cause. We also collected daily essentials like soaps, detergent, phenyl , sanitary napkins, sanitizers and masks to distribute. We got help from a nearby grocery shop as they gave us raw grains and pulses. After collecting all these My father and I went to a nearby basti to distribute all the essentials collected. I saw three pregnant ladies over there who were on the verge of delivery. I gave them each a bottle of phenyl and soap to take special care of hygiene and cleanliness during this period. I was overwhelmed to see the happiness on their faces. They gave me a lot of blessings which was priceless. After the completion of the task I was too contended and a little proudly as I knew I did a good deed.