Palak Tripathi - 50

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

Growing up, my mother made it a ritual to donate essentials to the needy on special occasions such as birthdays, poojas, marriages, etc. My brother and I continued with the same on our respective birthdays, however, I was never upfront in the same until my last birthday. It took a lot of effort and planning on my part to execute the same in the sense of buying, collecting, packing, and distributing the items. To my surprise, everything worked out as per the plan which was altogether an achievement for me to begin with.
On the day of my birthday, we went to the old age home named, ‘Prem Nivas’ and distributed all the items.
All the people in Prem Nivas suffer from some kind of disease or sickness namely, paralysis, heart, blood pressure, etc. As the name suggests it is home to people who are old and most probably abandoned. We handed over the essentials and I decided to meet and greet the members of the old age home. I have never felt so emotional and happy at the same time in my life. The blessings received by each were exactly like winning a trophy and that was the moment I felt extremely proud of myself and about the decision of donating. We gathered the members in the garden area and decided to sing and dance for them as a source of entertainment. The happy faces were my reward.
As rightly quoted by Mother Teresa, “It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” I firmly believe in the art of giving/helping and there is no feeling more beautiful than that.