Nilesh Bibuti - 60

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

Hello, my name is Nilesh, an intern at YEF (Youth Empowerment Foundation). I am here to share one of my experience which I had a long ago when I was in class 10. First, I want to say that I am not a social worker or an authorised member of any charity foundation, but I give special consideration for helping others in my life because I believe I was, and am, helped by many people around me.
In my opinion, we can help anyone be it a child or a cleaner, all it needs is a little time and desire by heart and that’s it. “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone” this quote is very true since no one can achieve great heights without the support and prayers of others. Although helping others gives us a lot of satisfaction and happiness, helping our family members whom we are going to see almost throughout our life gives us a special satisfaction and dignity.
This is an incident of my life when I saved my cousin brother Ravi from a really torturing and disturbing future. I was studying in a hostel in Goa, preparing for my 10th Board. My friends and I usually walked to our institute (coaching centre) using no transportation, and that was really fun too. One of those days, I was shocked to see my cousin’s brother near the market area. He was staying in Gujarat, and as per my knowledge, he had no friends, no contacts, and nothing in Goa. I tried to go near him, but he seemed to be really tense and was busy on his phone, and it was also rather late evening, so I thought of calling him later. One week after “New Year's Eve”, I called my aunt to wish her Happy New Year. It has been a long time since I was talking to her. In the flow of conversation, I excitedly told her I saw my cousin there that day. But to my surprise, she was rather shocked and told me that he didn’t tell them all about it and he has been studying in Pune for the last year. She told me he had a lot of mood swings and that he constantly shouted at his parents. After ending the phone call with his mother, the next thing I did was to call him.

He picked up my call and told me he would call me later, and he sounded really disturbed. I had no classes for 10 days because of a strike and was determined to find out what was bothering him.
I walked up to the market, the same place where I saw him a week ago and guess what, I saw him again this day too with a cover in his hand, which he was holding rather tightly. I first thought about confronting him, but then I decided not to and stayed behind. But that decision was worth it, as by following him like that without letting him notice me, I found out rather shockingly that he was into drugs.
Afraid, I ran out from there, and after locking myself up in my closet, I thought a lot. I started searching for a way to help my cousin get rid of that devilish thing. I took my laptop and found out something “”. On the bottom of this, there was a number given I called them and told them all about it.
They asked me everything I knew, and they came to my hostel the next day and asked me to show me the place where I saw all that. But I told them not to involve my cousin in that case, and that I want him changed back to the old him. The officer was a kind man, who assured me of his safety.
After 1 month after all this incident, I got a call from my cousin, crying and thanking me. It also left me in tears. He was my best friend from my childhood, and I had helped him get over such a devilish thing.
From that day, up to this moment, we continued to be best friends, and his past now exists in our memories as a nightmare only. He is now perfectly clean from drugs and has passed his senior secondary examination this year 2020 with 94% in PCM.