Md Taskeen - 43

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

My name is Md Taskeen and I am an intern at the Youth Empowerment Foundation. With this opportunity, I would like to narrate a story of helping a child.

5 years back when I was in 10th grade, my school was very far but I used to walk there. On my way to my classes, I saw a child around 5 years old, well dressed, but alone. Curious as to why he was alone without his parents, I decided to strike a conversation with him. When I asked him where his mother was, he was confused and continued to cry.

He wasn’t able to talk probably and was shivering because he was really scared. Although I was late for my classes and my teacher was very strict, I decided to help the kid because it would be cruel to leave him alone. I gave him chocolate (I always carry dairy milk in my bag). At first, he refused but once I promised to help find his mother, he accepted the chocolate.

Once he was calmer, I tried to have a conversation again. (This conversation had occurred in Hindi).

Me - Tell me your name
He - Ved Patel
Me - Very good, now tell me your address where you're living with your mom.
He - I don’t know the address.
Me - Ok, do you remember your mom's phone number.
He - No
Me - Do you remember how you reached here?
He - I was with my mom in the saloon and then I couldn't see her so I am trying to find her.
Me - ok. Let's go to the nearest salon to ask about your Mom

We went to the salon closest to us and asked the workers about his mom but none of them knew anything because there were a lot of customers and they couldn’t remember a particular one with the child. I started to get nervous so I decided to call my mother from a PCO, but unfortunately, she wasn’t picking up the call.

I was starting to feel helpless and I could sense the kid becoming uncomfortable and panicking so I decided to take him to the nearest police station.

Fortunately, just opposite the station, we saw his mother who was also looking for him. She thanked me for the trouble I had gone through. Apparently, she had left the son’s hand when she was responding to an important message on her phone. I was late for my classes and I told the lady I had to go. I was waving Ved goodbye when he thanked and hugged me for helping him find his mother. My parents were really happy to hear the story when they asked me why I had missed my classes that day. I am really glad that I stuck around and helped Ved find his mother.