Marian Junaid - 4

AUG. 11, 2020

Marian Junaid

A couple of days back we got snowed in. Snow in Kashmir is a yearly affair and to start with it’s quite a sight but like everything it also has its cons. Electricity is a rare sight these days and because of the unusually heavy snow in the city wifi wires also got down. But this is the story from a well to do family what about the others? I’ve went on walks daily since the snow and saw people begging on the road each day. If the pandemic wasn’t enough to halt livelihoods the snowfall really did it. Kashmir is an economically well off state, at least it was before the article was revoked and there are very little to no people sleeping without a roof of their head. Still due to lack of earning in the Covid-19 lockdown and the state imposed lockdown a year before people are in shambles. Yesterday a man came to our doorstep asking to be fed, clothed and given some money. There wasn’t really anyone at home I had an odd sum of rupees 2000 and some chips I had just bought. I gave him both and with a heavy heart bid him adieu. I didn’t plan on sharing this with people because what I did, I did out of basic human courtesy and not praises however when the task was provided to me I couldn’t think of a better story to share.

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