Machha Shruti - 71

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

Last year in mid-May or June, our society sweeper, a mid-30-year-old lady, along with her child, was asking for leftover food and other essential materials door to door. Because of the lockdown, she lost her job and all other family incomes. She used to clean all the stairs and take our garbage for disposal. But now her job ended and she and her child were asking for food in the entire building.
When they came to our door, she asked, "We have nothing to eat, do you have something you could give us?” My mom was totally shocked and sorry at the same time. She asked, “Why didn’t you come here earlier? If you ran out of food, what are you even eating these days?”
There was a food drive too, the local municipality was providing free food i.e. lunch and dinner for the needy near our society. Mom gave her this information and handed the monthly ration we didn’t require anyway, which included some rice and jowar and gave some amount of money for other needs. I think that was the right decision and was glad that we helped her out, at least with some food. It made me feel human.