Khushboo Patel - 59

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

In 2020, COVID-19 emerged as a monumental challenge. It was a challenge not only for the economy or polity of a nation but a challenge for humanity. But this crisis gave us an opportunity to be human again, that is, a chance to help others, and here is how the series of goodness began.
It was around 1 pm in April, and mercury was reaching its peak in Delhi. I was living in Karol Bagh in a rented room. Because of lockdown, shops were mostly closed, and because of this, I was running short of foodstuff.
However, I was not the only one. Many were running short of not only food but also drinkable water. On that day, few female labours with their children were collecting food from door to door. These were the ones who were stuck due to lockdown.
At their call, some doors were opening but mostly remained close. This was because everyone worried they may be COVID positive as they were moving from place to place. I opened the door, though took the required precautions.
They were asking for anything eatable. As I was living alone and don’t cook, I didn’t have rice or wheat or any food but only some packets of cookies, biscuits, fruit cake and luckily raw Gram. I gave them the biscuits, cake and the gram which they happily accepted. As I was returning, they stopped me and asked if they can we get some water bottles as the sun was scorching. To this, I agreed.
I came back to the room for a bottle, searched a lot for the bottle, but couldn’t find one. Then I asked my landlady for an empty bottle but couldn’t get it. On re-entering my room I noticed a cold drink bottle, but it was full. I thought that the cold drink can’t be more important than the water for those ladies. So, I emptied the cold drink in the glass and filled chilled water for them in the bottle and gave that to them.
My effort to help them was just a drop in ocean but I was happy to be at least one drop than no drop at all. Their smiling face and thanking words made me realized I did something worthy and humane act.