Harshi Tyagi - 70

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

We all have many experiences in our life that change our thinking and approach positively. I have had the same experience when I was in my graduation. My IGNOU study centre was near Raj Ghat. I was in an auto coming back after submitting my assignments, tension-free that finally it’s done. Because of the red light, the auto stopped. A girl was standing near the auto gate. She was selling pens. Now, I had no use of pens as I already had many at home. I told her I don’t want a pen but you can keep these ten rupees (I was not earning and was getting limited pocket money and there was no sharing auto in that location so I used to save every penny).
To my surprise, the girl refused to keep the money and said, “Di mai aise nahi lungi paise, aap pen khareedoge tabhi lungi.” (Meaning: Di I will not take this money if you don’t buy pens.) I felt embarrassed by myself and proud of her. I bought all the pens she had smilingly and learnt a lesson for life to never give money as support and help in other ways.
After that, whenever I was on Noida 18 metro station and there were children selling roses, I used to take them to a nearby food stall (which was momos one) so they gave me the name “momo wali di”.