Deepti Ghosh - 65

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

Born in an Indian family, one is taught since childhood that helping others is a good deed and one should always help others in need and their hard times. It is a moral value. I first felt the joy of giving when I was in class 4th. It was a winter morning and as usual, I was sitting on the school bus, talking to my friends when suddenly our bus stopped at a red light. I looked out of the window and saw around 10-15 people, including few children and a one or two-year-old baby sleeping under the flyover. They were not even wearing thick winter clothes. I was shocked at how they could sleep under the flyover wearing such thin clothes. Some of them even wore torn clothes, while Delhi’s winters are truly notorious and send chills down the back. This broke my heart, and I realized how privileged I was. On the same day in school, our teacher asked us to get our old winter clothes, which were in good condition as part of the winter donation drive. So as soon as I reached home, I told my parents about what I saw in the morning and asked them to take out all the old winter clothes. The next day I took two entire bags of winter clothes to school and gave them to one of my social work teachers. She appreciated my effort and asked me whether I would like to go with some seniors for distributing the clothes, and I immediately said yes. After this, I along with a teacher and some seniors went to a nearby flyover where poor people used to live. It was the same flyover that I saw the other day. I went there and distributed the clothes to the kids and people over there. They were thrilled to see that, and some kids even came and hugged me. It made me overjoyed as I could help them. It was the first time that I truly felt the joy of giving and helping, and it was priceless.
Thus in the end I would only like to say that helping one person may not change the entire world, but it would change the world for one person. So take initiative and help others and feel the true meaning of joy.