Charu Agarwal - 9

AUG. 11, 2020

Charu Agarwal

In the fast world full of fraudsters and fakes, it is difficult to find someone who still finds it in themselves to help strangers in exchange for nothing in return. One of our volunteers, Charu Agarwal shares her proud moment when she decided to stop by and help a completely unknown lady who was stranded in an unknown city. It was December of 2019. I was coming back from college. On my way, I saw a woman who was in her sixties sitting on the footpath with some luggage. With her was my Pgmate. I asked her why the lady was sitting like that? She was asking the same thing to the lady but the lady didn't reply and was sobbing continuously. After asking her repeatedly, she finally told us that she was travelling back to Bihar with her son. They were on a DTC bus and heading towards the railway station. On the bus, a man asked her son that he can provide them with some documents which can be very important in the future and all they need to give him is Rs. 2000. His son believed the man and gave him the money. They came out of the bus in a middle way, the man went somewhere for the documents and asked them to wait. After waiting for more than an hour her son got suspicious and went after him but didn't return. She was alone with no phone or money. We asked her if she had anyone that she could call. Turns out, the relative lived 6 hours away. We finally called the police which was a task in itself. I was running to and from college to the Lady, having to call several people. After the struggle of half an hour we were able to get in contact with the police. The police came and asked about the whole incidence, during which the son came back by himself. He was looking shocked as he had just been cheated by that man. The poor family had just lost 2000. The police left. All the lady had was two tickets for the train and 20 minutes to reach the station. We seated them on a bus and gave them some money and a water bottle for their journey. During this incidence, the crowd gathered and I could clearly hear whispers about how she is a fraudster and all of this was fake. ‘She is doing all this drama for the money.’ I knew how society would treat her but I could never do the same because I did have a conscious and couldn’t leave another human abandoned like this in her time of need. My heart filled with joy after I saw them smiling. And that was more than enough for me.

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