Change Vadodara Campaign - 22

AUG. 11, 2020

Collaboration with the Change Vadodara Campaign

Change Vadodara Campaign is an organization which uplifts uneducated part of our Community and help them fulfill their basic necessities. They also work for cleanliness of ancestry monuments, Public Garden and thereby devote themselves to the beauty of Vadodara. Inspiring youths of Vadodara and cultivating the feeling of nationalism and love for Vadodara is their motive. When I learnt about such a campaign, my sister and I decided to join them and work with them as a team. I was finishing my higher studies by then and so I wanted to be a part of the education programs in the organization. I started visiting the slum area with the team during weekends and taught them according to their age groups. We also distributed school essentials: School bags, pens and pencils, books and textbooks along with the lunch or snack. When I watched the kids studying and enjoying themselves, it made me proud and happy. Such children do not get the opportunity to go to school and study or have a proper meal in a day. Foundation like these helps them study and arrange proper meals which helps them grow better. I used to visit such kids every weekend and sometimes also helped the team to help arrange seminars and sessions for the children along with their parents. This way it became easy to educate the kids. This organization also works for Green Initiative- to clean the roads and to grow trees and plants in Vadodara for better future. Like this they focus on many other social causes and aim to have a better future for living. They also collaborate with other organizations and foundations to expand their work. I have also contributed to donate clothes and stationery which we don’t use much often. I remember giving many of my old clothes which I don’t wear that often along with my old books and stationery items. They then donated to the needy who do not have proper clothes and no clothes to wear. I worked with them for a month and two and those were my happy months and I wish to have the same with Youth Empowerment Foundation. Milaap links:

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