Ayan Mullick - 25

AUG. 11, 2020

Happiness in Dhakis
-Ayan Mullick

I remember it vividly. It was October 2013 and I was only 12 years old then. We are Bengali so our biggest festival is Durgapuja, the duration of which is 6 days. So alike every year, there were Dhakis - traditional drummers who play Dhak in Hindu festivals - in each and every puja pandal. So 6 days after immersion of Durga pratima in rivers, every year a Dhaki or two would come to our home and the neighbouring ones from the nearest puja pandal. I hadn’t known why so until that year when I saw that my mother was giving him some money and my old clothes. It was then that I realized that they came to our homes because they weren’t as fortunate as us and needed help. So, from the next year onwards, whenever they came to our place, I would always offer them some money and old clothes and even though it wasn’t much, they always were happy after receiving it. Even in 2019, when I was old enough to buy from my allowance, I thought of helping those Dhakis by providing each one of them with a shirt that wasn’t an old one but one that I had bought recently from the store. Seeing them grateful and smiling really brought me pride and happiness. And so, I think everyone should help their help by surprising them with these gifts of generosity, especially during festivals - the time of the year that everyone deserves to be happy.

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