Arushi Srivastava - 34

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

It is said that charity begins from home, and amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I had experienced this. During this time, many people lost their source of income and were starving for their meals; those daily wage workers who worked day and night to satisfy their family’s needs were beggars now. After a long time, birds were heard clearly chirping every day since pollution was reduced to a greater extent due to the vigorous lockdowns around the world. Police sirens were heard frequently.

One of those early days of lockdown, standing in my room’s balcony, I saw an old lady carrying a lot of things with her, sweating and breathing with difficulty. She stopped and sat under a shelter, keeping aside the weight she carried. She looked around with her forlorn eyes, in a hope that somebody passing by would give her something to fill her empty stomach. But unfortunately, there was no one around apart from some dogs and cows. I thought, “What if I would have been in her place?”. I quickly rushed into my kitchen and started collecting everything I could give to her. I took some packets of biscuits, around 500gm flour, 4-5 potatoes, plenty of snacks and a 50 Rs note. I packed it well and called her to stand under my balcony. I threw the packet from my balcony, and when she opened it, she turned and looked up at me with a smiling face. Her smile said it all. I had helped her in the best possible way.
In a similar incident, our flat’s Garbageman came knocking and asked for any kind of help we could give. So, we gave them some useful groceries, oil, pulses and Rs 500. There have been more incidences like these throughout the lockdown and my family and I have tried to help these people whenever we could. If you are reading this right now, I plead you to make a small contribution in any way possible which makes a little difference in someone’s life. Even small donations make a difference. And if you can’t donate, you can still contribute - by volunteering. If we as a responsible youth take responsibility for feeding even just 10 families around us who can’t afford their next meal, starvation would soon not be the reason why millions die every year.