Anshita Jain - 51

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

One such experience that I prominently recall is working amongst a group of students in my school who were basically all Peer Mentors. So we as a group acted like a peer mentoring body where we used to mentor our junior batches. Every day during the first half-hour of the school, we used to go to two allotted sections in 6-8 standards and we talked to the children. There were also discussions about a range of topics like Bullying, Emotional Health, Coping with Stress, the importance of speaking up, Body Shaming, etc.

These soon became regular sessions with the children where they were also given a chance to interact and share their problems with us, which if were considered to be serious, were taken further to the school counselor. The purpose of this was to provide the children with a more friendly, comfortable, and accessible medium to share and resolve their problems as many students find it very hard to speak directly to a teacher or the school counselor about any issues or problems they face.

Through these sessions, I personally was able to help out 5 students in working through their problems. It was also a way for them to just be able to share their thoughts and not feel judged. Many of the students also opened up about their experiences of being bullied and even about facing body image issues because of personal experiences of being body shamed. I was happy that I could be someone whom they could talk to and feel better just by sharing their traumatic experiences with someone, rather than letting their emotions bottled up inside.

Since then, I have always tried to listen to people and their problems. I believe that talking always helps, and opening up about your bad experiences is important rather than letting your feelings build up inside.