Amisha Gnagwar - 55

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

“One of the most beautiful compensations in life is that no man can help another without helping himself.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Whether it is our good thoughts, actions, or behaviour, eventually helping another will return good results. Treat people with respect and kindness and you will usually be amazed at what comes back at you.
It was a cold month of December two years back; we used to roam around the city to explore new places and find peace wherever we can. As it was the first year of college, there were many friends and many stories to tell and listen to. There were many people we used to meet daily, and we all were like it is the best we all have.
There was a specific café near our college where we used to talk for hours. We used to sit and enjoy the pleasant music playing in the background, crave for news items in the cafe’s menu, mimic people around us and guess what they would be saying. There was joy, love, anger, and what not at the same place.
One specific night when we were leaving the place, we noticed a young child trying to sell some balloons to the people coming out from the café. When that child tried to sell his balloons, one arrogant person among them just burst one of his balloons in front of his friends as mockery and joke and rode away on their vehicles.
That child, that small hungry, shivering from cold with no one near to look after him, that small child was there standing expressionless and most probably cursing at the world, why? What gave the right to that person to damage his only source of income and just go without even saying sorry? He must be angry at the world, at why he is born in this poverty and has to work harder than others?
For some time, I was thinking there too. But as soon as I saw a drop of a tear falling down the eyes of the child, I knew I can’t go like this. I walked toward him and told him to calm down. This world is tough for everyone, and he has to work extra hard to be a successful person here. People will bully you seeing you are weak, but you have to stay strong and work harder and show the world what mettle you are made up of. After saying that, I took around five of his bubbles and gave him a note of five hundred rupees, and walked by him.
Weeks passed by and we weren’t able to find that boy anywhere as if he had just left. A few days later we saw him besides that café working hard as a shoe cleaner, but also we saw him studying from some books and trying to do some questions. We felt so good looking at that, and I felt very proud that an insignificant gesture that we would not find of any use can be a boon to someone needy.
I hope one day that small boy would become a successful person and just remember that evening when he was selling those balloons.