Alima Tariq - 78

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

Well, whatever you do, everything comes back to you; this is very true.
I had a very poor neighbour, and a boy from that family was in 10th standard. He was weak in his studies, and as a result, he couldn't do well in-class tests.
Due to their economic status, they were not in a position to afford tuition for him. As I heard about it, I invited him for tuition. His final exam was in another two months at that time, and he had no basic knowledge.
It was challenging to teach everything to him quickly, especially when he was weak in his basics. Somehow, I led him to my best ability. No one from his family expected that he would clear his exams, and his father had arranged a job for him in a garage as a mechanic. To everyone’s surprise, he cleared his 10th exam and scored first in his class.
As soon as I heard his result, I felt immense pleasure, and I was very happy for him.
Now I see him as a graduate student doing well in his studies.
Whenever I see him, I feel delighted for him. Helping others (especially those who need it) will always give immense pleasure to me.