Adyasha Parhi - 37

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

When I helped someone:

When you’re helping others, the recipients of your kindness aren’t only ones getting benefits from them, but you benefit from them too. Helping your friends, family or people around you gives you a sense of satisfaction and contentment that no other things in the world can match. Having a positive impact on someone’s lives can also change our thought process and attitude towards seeing different things.
I have always tried in my capacity to help people around me who are underprivileged. When I was staying in the hostel during my graduation, there were a lot of women from nearby villages working as caretakers in our hostel. During the winters they used to sleep on the floor, so some of us girls decided to conduct a donation drive from them. A lot of girls donated things like blankets, bedsheets, mosquito nets, and sweaters that would help these women sleep better. All these things were then distributed to them equally. This was one of the first moments when I felt like I made a positive difference in someone’s life.

When I supported Someone
One of the most rewarding feelings is to provide support to people around us like our friends, colleagues, family etc. This can be either physically or just providing emotional support.
This story dates back to when I was in 8th grade, my best friend and I had together decided to take part in a dance performance for our School’s Annual function. We both decided to audition for the dance performance. My friend Lipi always had a fear of performing onstage - the thought of performing when a lot of people are watching her was something that terrified her. She became nervous and couldn’t perform properly and hence got rejected. We felt that our dream of dancing together has been broken. Lipi was totally heartbroken, But I convinced her to prepare once again and then audition for it once again. Her confidence was shaken, I told her that I believe in her and that I was sure she would be able to overcome her stage fright and perform better this time. Sincere encouragement can always work in bringing back someone’s lost confidence.
This time she practised really hard and got selected for the dance performance. Reminding people of their capabilities, challenging them in a good way can help people overcome any feeling of self-doubt.

When I fed someone
When I was a student at Bit Mesra, our college had a very active NSS and DRISTI Club for helping and empowering the underprivileged people. I have always loved volunteering work so I was always a quite active member of our NSS club. I have always enthusiastically participated in all the activities conducted by your NSS club, we have been to several villages to donate clothes, conduct monthly health checkups. We have also fed people in nearby areas, providing them with proper meals.