Adila CK - 54

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

Also, I got the golden opportunity to lead the National Service Scheme of my college. Most of our students were staying in a hostel. Because of so various reasons, many of our students didn’t have their lunch from the mess. So one day, I thought that while we are getting healthy food from the mess; it is ultimately getting wasted or the cooks take it to their house. So why can’t we donate the food by packing it if many students skip their lunch that day? When I shared my thought and expressed my dream to my friends, fellow union members, and my juniors, they supported me.

Surprisingly, many students responded positively to it. We talked with our hostel and mess warden. After all the formalities, we took the packed food, and we went to Thrissur town. There we saw many old homeless people who were just sitting or sleeping hungry. It was a group of 10 who went to donate food and again we grouped into five from there, and we found the beneficiaries and gave them the food. They looked as happy as us. This is an experience I feel happy and proud of.