Aahna Sameja - 53

AUG. 11, 2020

Curtain Hug

One day I went shopping for vegetables and saw two little kittens wandering in the street. I then found that their mother had died after giving them birth. So I rescued them and kept them with me. Daisy and Bella play with Bruno, sleep with him, and they get along very well.

Recently, I rescued another puppy. I brought her with me and gave her all the required treatments. She had injured her left leg, so I took her to the doctor and got her medications. Then I put her up for adoption and found a wonderful family for her, but it didn’t work out well. So in a heartbeat, I adopted her myself. Her name is Hazel, and she too lives well with Bruno, Daisy, and Bella. It was the best spontaneous decision that I have ever made in my life.