What to do in case of a fire?

29 May 2021

Curtain Hug

- Rhea James

We all live a busy life where we hardly get time for ourselves or for the incidents that happen around us. So, in that case, if we encounter a fire in our nearby area or our surroundings, what should we do next?

Should we panic and run off from that situation? NO. Despite panicking, running off or crying, one should be vigilant at this time and take necessary actions. Some steps one can take are:

1. As you exit the building where there is fire, immediately call the fire pull station nearby so you can stop the fire from flaming as soon as possible and save the disaster from happening.

2. When you are about to open the door to exit, make sure that you feel the heat at the door to know about the fire on the other side.

3. If you find smoke in the air, keep your head down to the ground level and crawl to avoid inhalation problems and don’t forget to place one of your hands on the wall to find the exit door.

4. Once you are out of the place of fire, call your emergency numbers and report them about the incident. In India, you can Dial 102 for a fire emergency.

5. After you exit, stand at a place away from the fire unless you have been provided with a safe place to be.

If by chance you are stuck inside the room of your building, then follow these steps:

1. Stay inside the room if there are smoke and black fumes outside and keep the door closed till you get any assistance from the fire department.

2. If the smoke is entering the room from underneath the door, then use damp blankets or towels to block the passage of entry.

3. Do open the window if you have one in your room and wave your hand/ dark colored cloth or towel to indicate that you are stuck and need help.

4. Close all the doors of your house or the rooms that you are in.

5. Don’t be selfish at this time and do check on your neighbors whether they were able to escape the situation or not.

We should pay attention to any kind of alarm or indication. We should not take our stuff rather focus on finding ways to escape. DO NOT use elevators or lifts at the time of the fire; prefer stairs in this situation. Fire can break out due to any reason, but you should be prepared to take the necessary steps.

It depends on the alertness and readiness of your mind as to how to face the situation. Panicking is not an option as following certain steps can save you and others from a hazardous disaster. At the time of an emergency, think about how to handle the situation for your family and the people living in your surroundings. Think Smart and Act Smart.