19 Aug 2021

Curtain Hug

Unemployment is one of the major social problems in India. The three basic needs of human
beings are food, home and clothing. All these needs can be properly fulfilled if a person has
money and to earn money the person must be employed. However, many people in India do not
have a job. As a result, they are unemployed, which snatches the right of basic needs from
them. In a country like India, there are many reasons for a large section of the population being
unemployed. A few of the major reasons are the low literacy rate, a decline in economic growth,
and hereditary poverty. One knows the situation is dire when many people with a bachelor’s
degree have to take up jobs like that of watchmen for livelihood.
Also, the population of India is vast. We are the seventh-largest country and yet the second-
highest in population. This demands many jobs every year which the government and
authorities are unable to provide. Because of this, the following things happen in an economy
which is an increase in poverty, an increase in crime rate, political instability and loss of skills.
As a result, all this will eventually lead to the demise of the nation. In March 2020, India entered
lockdown to stop the spread of Coronavirus. As a result, hundreds of people became jobless
because of the long shutdown of the business and offices. The unemployment rate has climbed
up to 27.1% in April.
As the prime minister of India proclaimed, Indians need to be self-sufficient. Previously, being
employed meant being an engineer or a doctor, but now everyone is employed, even he is a
farmer or sweeper. Also, if we can stop depending on other countries for IT work and open more
startup, that will help to provide jobs to many people. To create more jobs, India needs to make
more manufacturing hub in the country. There is an actual connection between lack of
education and unemployment. To educate the children of the country, we first need to educate
the women of the country. Only then can the children be educated properly.
Thus, the government should make efforts to set up support skill and retraining activities to
address the gaps between demand and supply of work and, skills and qualifications required.
The country needs to take a serious look at its present scenario and think of some serious
remedial solutions to face the major problem of unemployment.