The Importance of Dialogue

4 Aug 2021

Curtain Hug

With technological advancements, one would imagine that communicating and
connecting with people should be easier through face-to-face conversation, phone
conferences, social media, and emails, etc. Alas, the fact above is false as we are more
disconnected and separate than before the invention of phones. Most days, interaction
is noisy chatter, without genuine meaning and expression. Without proper
communication methods, conflicts also don't get solved, including social issues.
Dialogues allow a change of perception, letting a person speak about their point of view,
find a middle ground, or dismiss misconceptions, stereotypes that are the root of social
issues. It's one of the best ways to solve problems, as the worst that can happen is
Dialogue means a conversation between two or more people/ groups on a specific
topic, each side stating their point to get to the truth, to a certain extent. It centers
around reason and science, avoiding adversity, and settling it at the fact. We as humans
need dialogue to understand other people and reach goals and dreams. It's important to
note that dialogues are different from debates, where people come with the idea of
preconceived truth. They try to win the argument or state that their truth is the only truth.
But dialogue is about asking difficult questions, challenging one's perception, and
realizing that they don't fit in that perception.
Elements of Effective Dialogues
Dialogues can be ineffective and useless with an improper presentation, like a
disrespectful conversation, unilaterally putting forth ideas, etc. It takes away the building
relation aspects of holding a dialogue.
Henceforth, here are some ways to ensure that the dialogue is effective:
● Respect each other
● Hold the conversation in warm surroundings
● Figure out the reason for the communication
● Use Visual communication
● Listen appropriately first before stating your point of view
● Pay attention to non-verbal cues
● Enter humor occasionally to reduce tension in the conversation
Importance of Dialogue
Holding a conversation is quite significant, especially for social creatures like us, to
achieve things like:-

● It enables people to speak up their ideas and feelings in a safe and comfortable
environment, contributing to harmony between different groups of people and the
existence of the societies.
● Dialogue enables community leaders to share ideas and information to build and
rebuild society, leading to the development of society as a whole.
● Listening to the problems of individuals and discussing these problems to solve helps
in serving out justice. Lacking effective dialogue would mean distorted justice.
● Furthermore, the exchange of culture and experiences among people through
dialogue will positively affect the advancement and progress of society.
● It's also an effective way to communicate with family members, learning about one's
and family's positive and negative aspects, and contributing to change them.
● It narrows the gap between the ideas, adapting and developing them as new evidence
for new ideas.
● It brings about deepening and change of thoughts and perception, enabling one to
see more than one truth and point of view.
One way to build bridges over the deep divide between communities and the related
social stratification is through dialogue. We must do this to diminish our differences,
learn from each other and find common ground. They build dispositions and skills for
creating and connecting people with differences and also maintaining those relations. It
even plays a hand in equity and social justice, sharing experiences, emphasizing
issues, and much more.